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Category Archives: Fotos

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SCAD students FLAUNT it!

Astrid & Mimi!

Astrid and Mimi FLAUNT what they've got!

Lexi the Dog Flaunts her Stuff!!

Lexi the Dog Flaunts her Stuff!!

At 98 (in human years), Huey is our oldest flaunter, especially considering the amount of tail he is showing! His mama, MaryKay sent in this fierce photo!


Steve JR

Happy Birthday Steve Junior!

Friday the 13th FlauntWe tried to get Jason to wear one of our shirts, but it didn’t fit over the hockey mask.





…..hey Mom, quick check it out, we’re not fighting, we’re flaunting……



Got Fierce photos?

We want to flaunt them




Independent Spirit.


Sherrie Rose Flaunts

Despite the kid, 3 dogs, and working, this mom knows how to flaunt!

Carol Flaunt

Carol and the Desert Flaunts are having a Wild Rumpus!

Summer shows how its done!

Summer shows how its done!

Jess flaunts peacefully!

Jess flaunts peacefully!

Here are two generations of California beauties! Gorgeous Grandma Marty and Cutie Granddaughter Katy…..showing the love!


Dylan Flies!

Dylan Flies!

A close flaunt of mine came in the other day and just couldn’t contain herself! Check out Dylan as she flaunts up into the air!

Custom flaunt

Custom flaunt

Flaunter Eileen was caught by the paparazzi on her way down the elevator in the Fashion District yesterday. Where was she going? What was she doing? Who knows, but she was FIERCE!

Wait a minute though, did you SEE the custom job she did on her Flaunt Fiercely shirt? A bow, pearls, and shiny buttons took this shirt to the next level! Her handiwork will be immortalized here on the blog, to inspire others to take their shirt and make it FIERCE!